Media and News Coverage

Coalition for Queens Coalition for Queens Unveiling at Queens Museum of Art Panorama October 21, 2011 (pdf)
Coalition for Queens Coalition for Queens QMA Panorama Press Advisory October 17, 2011 (pdf)
Coalition for Queens Coalition for Queens Comrie Delegation Press Release September 4, 2011 (pdf)
Coalition for Queens Coalition for Queens Press Release July 13, 2011 (pdf)


Editorial Endorsement

“A New Vision for Willets Point” September 15, 2011


NY1“Silicon City Model Unveiled At Queens Museum” October 22, 2011(video)

NY1 “Queens Resident Dreams of University Satellite in Willets Point” July 5, 2011 (video)


77 WABC Red Eye Radio “Coalition for Queens” July 28, 2011 (mp3)


Queens Courier “Start-ups Flock to Queens” August 14, 2012
Daily News “Tech’s Boom Taps Queens” August 7, 2012
Daily News “Proposed tech incubator in Queens” July 22, 2012
“Christine Quinn Introduces a Cheaper Computer Science Option for NYC Students” July 18, 2012
Queens Courier “Western Queens May Become Silicon Valley of the East” July 14, 2012
“First Queens Tech Meetup Draws More Than 150 to Long Island City” June 8, 2012
“NE Qns Activist lauds Roosevelt Isle campus “ January 5, 2012
“Coalition for Queens supports tech center at Roosevelt Island” November 11, 2011
“Model Of Proposed Silicon City Installed On Famed Panorama” November 2, 2011
“A new city for Queens: Silicon City” October 26, 2011
Daily News “Fight over ‘Silicon City” October 21, 2011
“Willets Pt., Queens – The Next NY Tech Hub?” October 21, 2011
Queens Courier “Silicon City model unveiled at Queens Museum of Art” October 21, 2011
“Willets Pt. must become East Coast Silicon Valley” October 13, 2011
“Carnegie Mellon looks to build research, tech facilities in New York” September 19, 2011
“Beep on board for Queens ‘Tech City’” September 8, 2011
“City urged to consider Iron Triangle college” August 25, 2011
“Willets Point snubbed in mayor’s plan for new college” July 28, 2011
Daily News “Willets Point can be our Silicon Valley” July 27, 2011
Daily News “City Council backs Harvard grad’s plan for Silicon Valley 2.0 at Willets Point” July 21, 2011
Curbed NY“Another Thought for Willets Point: A Tech Triangle” July 21, 2011
The Real Deal “Council members urge city to consider Willets Point tech proposal” July 21, 2011
Times Ledger “Flushing advocate confident Willets Point can attract college” July 14, 2011
Epoch Times “NYC’s Tech Aspirations: Silicon Valley 2.0″ July 11, 2011
Times Ledger“Willets should be reborn as technology park” July 7, 2011
Queens Courier “Borough wants a bid for a new university” June 30, 2011
Times Ledger “Iron Triangle Eyed as Tech Corridor” May 26, 2011



SinovisionNet: 法拉盛硅谷市模型推出 力图打造东海岸科技枢纽” October 21, 2011
SinovisionNet: 纽约硅谷 落户威利点阻力大” July 29, 2011
SinovisionNet: “法拉盛的今天和明天 研讨未来发展” June 30,  2011


Sing Tao Daily: “紐約全景模型威利點標「高校」 October 22, 2011
World Journal: 威利點建美東矽谷 徵連署” October 22, 2011
Sing Tao Daily: “聯盟積極將威利點列入科技校園候選地區 Aug 25, 2011
Epoch Times: “科技专业校园 纽约“矽谷”梦想第一步” July 18, 2011
Sing Tao Daily: “許居逵推廣「皇后區聯盟:矽谷2.0計劃」” July 7, 2011
Qiao Bao: “法拉盛商家支持双语标牌 社团力主打造第二硅谷” June 30, 2011
World Journal: 威利點建高科技校區 呼籲連署” June 30, 2011
Epoch Times: 法拉盛發展座談會 展望皇后區未來發展” June 30, 2011
World Journal: 高科技校區選址 尊重校方” June 11, 2011
DW News“华裔伊拉克战士推纽约成第二矽谷” June 10, 2011
World Journal法拉盛 爭取全球名校落戶 May 20, 2011

Applied Sciences Initiative Background Information

New York City Mayor’s Office and Economic Development Corporation

Crain’s NY Business: “Race is on to build applied sciences campus” July 31, 2011
Crain’s NY Business: “NYC to Silicon Valley: It’s on” July 19, 2011
“Mayor Bloomberg Reveals His Plan for New York to Overtake Silicon Valley” July 19, 2011
“Mayor Bloomberg Announces Request for Proposals for New or Expanded Engineering and Applied Sciences Campus in New York City” July 19, 2011
“Mayor Bloomberg Announces City Received 18 Submissions from 27 Academic Institutions for New Applied Sciences Campus” March 17, 2011
February RFEI Information Session: Growing Applied Sciences: A Game Changer for NYC (pdf)
“Mayor Bloomberg Announces Initiative to Develop a New Engineering and Applied Sciences Research Campus to Bolster City’s Innovation Economy” December 16, 2010

University Press

Cornell Press Release: “NYC, Cornell, Technion announce partnership to build tech campus on Roosevelt Island” December 19, 2011
Stanford Daily News: “Stanford will respond to NYC Request for Proposals” August 4, 2011
Stanford University News: “Hennessy sees potential for dynamic partnership in creating New York City center of innovation” April 15, 2011
Stanford University News: “Stanford submits expression of interest for New York City campus” March 17, 2011
Cornell Chronicle: “CU expresses interest to NYC in creating a tech campus” March 18, 2011
Carnegie Mellon News: “CMU competing to participate in NYC research program” March 17, 2011